45-minute cardio class on a stationary bike. It is led by an instructor to great music! Burn up to 450 calories in one class.



Rowing is a 35-minute class of circuit training using a rower, which works every muscle in your body with no impact. We mix bodyweight movements, kettle bell and dumbbell training with rowing to burn fat and tone muscle. Rowing works every muscle in your body with no impact. It is now available at all three main CrossFit Unlimited locations.

Body Pump

A 55-minute strength and conditioning class with a barbell that builds muscle endurance by moving light weights at high repetitions. Set to high-energy music.


Sweatshop is a 45-minute circuit training class that mixes cardio and strength for a full body workout.

Body Combat

A 55-minute high-energy class that uses mixed martial arts for a fun, effective workout. Burn up to 800 calories in one class.


High-intensity training where the bike is your tool to get your heart rate where we need it for optimal fat burn. A 30-minute class.

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