Sarah Prevost is a 37-year-old mother of six children, ages 3 to 12 years old.

She doesn’t have time to workout. So she has to MAKE the time. Every morning, Sarah gets out of bed and catches the 5 a.m. WOD at Rice City CrossFit. Monday through Friday. She rarely misses a class.

Since joining CrossFit Unlimited Crowley two years ago, Sarah has lost 30 pounds and has learned to do things she never thought possible: “Now I’m even doing stuff I couldn’t do when I was young,” she said, “like pull-ups and handstand pushups. Nothing has ever pushed me this hard before. And I love the encouragement I get from the coaches and everyone around me. I love the clock on the wall. I love the whiteboard holding me accountable.”

Sarah had just given birth to her sixth kid when she first joined CrossFit, and admitted that in the beginning, she felt guilty about leaving home to workout.

“I have babies,” she said. “You feel guilty for working out because you are a mom and you are supposed to be taking care of your kids. But I’ve come to realize that being a good mom means you also have to take care of yourself. You have to be healthy. I now have the energy to run around with the kids.”

Coaches at Rice City CrossFit, CrossFit Jennings and CrossFit Eunice nominated one athlete from each location and then selected a top athlete to represent the three boxes as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of January. Sarah Prevost was nominated by her coaches and ultimately earned the honor as Athlete of the Month. EARNED. “I didn’t know people even realized I worked out,” she laughed after being told she was named. “I go early every morning and work out in my little corner.” Prevost thanked everyone for their continued support and said her CrossFit Unlimited Crowley journey is far from finished. “I plan to get stronger,” she said. “It’s a better compliment to me when someone says ‘You have muscles’ than when someone tells me I look skinny. You have to work harder for muscles than to be skinny.”

congratulations sarah!

we are so proud to call you part of our family!

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