Do you have a beginner’s course or on-ramp program?

Yes! We have a six week Fundamentals program that consists of six 60-minute group sessions with our coaches. During these sessions, you will learn all of the essential movements to ensure your success with our regular group classes. In addition to learning movements such as squats, presses, and various bodyweight movements, you will also receive instruction on proper warm-up techniques, mobility and flexibility, and proper nutrition. Come dressed in workout clothes, as you will be moving the whole time.

What is your Drop In Policy?

Members of out-of-town CrossFit affiliates are welcome to drop in to any of our normally scheduled group coaching sessions for $20 per visit! The joy of CrossFit has always been in the community of amazing individuals, and we never want to lose sight of that. If you would like to stay for multiple days or weeks, give us a call or email and we’ll get you situated with a temporary membership.

Do you have childcare?

Yes! We do offer childcare services. We have a designated area for children to play while their parents workout and a babysitter to take care of them. Childcare is $20/ month per family and is added onto your membership or $5 per visit.

What is the difference between the “Shredded” workout and the “ Regular” workout?

Shredded WOD ( workout of the day) is meant to create the same feel as boot camp creating a different yet still effective stimulus on your body. It is recommended that new athletes continue following shredded workouts for 3-6 months after graduating boot camp.

Do you accept cash and credit cards?

We do not currently accept Credit cards but we do accept cash and checks.

Does you have showers?

Yes! Bring a towel, rag, and whatever you may need.

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